Drain Cleaning

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Cleaning a drain is a common task for plumbers, especially when dealing with clogs or blockages. When Hunter Plumbing is called to address drain issues in Myrtle Beach, we take a systematic approach to stop clogs.

Call Hunter Plumbing for Drain Cleaning

1. First we Assess: Our skilled plumbers in Myrtle Beach will begin by assessing the drain problem. They'll inquire about symptoms like slow drainage or unusual sounds to gauge the severity and likely cause of the blockage.
2. Tools and Equipment: Equipped with the necessary tools and equipment, such as plumber's snakes (also known as a drain auger), drain cleaning machines, plungers, or hydro-jetters, our Myrtle Beach plumbers will select the most appropriate method for clearing the blockage.
3. Clearing the Blockage: Using the chosen tool, our plumbers will diligently work to clear the obstruction. Whether it's employing a plumber's snake to navigate through the pipes or utilizing a hydro-jetter for tougher clogs, our Myrtle Beach team ensures effective clearing.
hands putting a small plumbing snake down a bathroom drain
man in red shirt snaking a toilet

4. Flushing the Drain: Once the blockage is dislodged, our Myrtle Beach plumbers will flush the drain with water to remove any remaining debris, preventing future clogs and ensuring that the drain is flowing freely.
5. Inspecting the Drain
: To ensure thorough cleaning, our Myrtle Beach plumbers may conduct a visual inspection or use specialized cameras to examine the pipe’s interior. This can help identify any underlying issues such as damage or corrosion that may need to be addressed.
6. Preventative Measures
: To mitigate future problems, our team member from Hunter Plumbing may provide recommendations such as avoiding certain materials down the drain, installing drain guards or strainers, or scheduling routine maintenance to keep drains clear.


In Myrtle Beach, Hunter Plumbing employs a comprehensive approach to drain cleaning, ensuring efficient solutions and long-term satisfaction for our valued customers.